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C'Mon YO this page is STILL BULLSHIT!!!

this page is still being worked on. so help out on pages that need fixing & work and repair some loose end'sYo Arab could you spare a F****ing pic! This article could use one or more imagesYouTube is the world's most popular video hosting site, foundedby three coders named Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim on Feb 14, 2005. The site was later bought by Google, under whose ownership it proceeded to get really fucked up. 

Rucka vs YouTubeEdit

Most of Rucka's videos were uploaded on YouTube, and stayed up for several years. Eventually, the Jews, Chineses, and Canadians who now run the site began deleting Rucka's videos (though his Nuckas reload them), and eventually suspended his account. He has since made several new accounts, while the Nuckas have also uploaded thousands of Rucka videos.

Rucka Rucka Ali has made several songs complaining about YouTube taking down his videos, including Justin's Beaver II, both parts of Me No Rikey Youtube, and Suspended: The Sequel. Additionally, he frequently mentions the takedowns, and brags about the reuploads, in other songs.

Among the Nuckas and at Pinegrove Records, YouTube is commonly known as JewTube and believed to be racist, and to favor feminine males like Justin Bieber and unfunny comedians like Nigahiga and Freddy. They are generally believed to have taken down Rucka's videos because they were jealous of his success and wanted to make sure he would not become more popular than the faggots that they back.

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