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Yo Perry is about a gay sketch makernamed Perry Caravello who has simular wiredness compared to Bieber,along with hating RuckasNuckas & a Big embarrasment to The Big 3 Podcast!

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Rucka Rucka Ali "Yo Perry"03:52

Rucka Rucka Ali "Yo Perry"

the officil by Rucka A.K.A DoctorDtroit


[Opening Violin Solo]

Perry Caravello:RuckasNuckas?,

Let Em try to find me!,

Let him Try to find ME,

I'll show him All WHO THE KING IS!!,


Let them make their threats!!,

Rucka Rucka Ali,

He's a cuntist,

Who wants to suck My dick!,

I'd happen to pee his Ass!!

Rucka:"Back before you started shit,

I was DOWN with you,

Now you mess with RuckaNuckas!,

Now i want Down With YOU!!,

I've been inside your mansion,

Fat Bitches sandwhich You!,

Randy Calihand,

Busting off at his hand at You!!,

What you got in your hit full of Tricks?,

Maybe Glug or a Bad-Of-Dicks!,

Maybe 1,

maybe 2,

Maybe 6?,

Juggleing dick's since 96!,

Bag full of candy from the little white kids,

Nobody even knows who you even is?,

Not really sure if your in the biz,

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