"I was all up in her muff. Yeah, i guess grass on the field isn't enough" ----Rucka Rucka Ali This individual was a seventeen year old female prostitute. She had sex with Rucka Rucka Ali, sending him to jail, where he was gang raped by Mexicans, in the song, "Only 17". She has "Datte Me", tatooed across her breasts. She gave Rucka AIDS

Rucka Edit

"She was licking my nuts. Eating my skeet. Now I'm locked up, beating my meat"

---Rucka Rucka commenting on the beginning of the sex

Rucka Rucka Ali met the young girl at a strip club in 2010, and lied, telling him that she was forty-three. He should've realized she was way to young to be 43, but was fixated on her breats, causing him not to think correctly.

At a bar, they were drinking yak at the club, and, drunk, she began to take her clothes off. First, they had oral sex. Then, she drank his semen from a cup. Later, Rucka remembered that they had anal sex, claiming her "butthole was tight", and he "slapped them cheeks". Next, she gave him blowjobs, which she was known to do to Ronald McDonald statues. Next, he claimed he didn't know she was underage, he only wanted her to give him and his friends "a couple handjobs", which she did. According to Rucka, her vaginal opening is like "grass on a field". He said it was her muff. Soon afterwards, they again had anal sex. Then, she gave him more oral sex, and he anally had sex with her.

"I shoulda never nutted up inside her asshole. Becuase the sperm in her butt, was evidence against me"

---Rucka Rucka Ali, explaining how the cops found him.

However, anal sex was not a good idea, as "the sperm in her butt was evidence against him". He went to court with Judge Judith Sheindllin (Judge Judy), who accused him of being guilty. In jail, he complained about having an African-American, bisexual cell-mate, who anally raped him. In jail, he was looking back at the time where he made the mistake of not asking for her ID. Also, he was gang-raped by Mexicans in jail. Becuase of his depression, he masturbated in his cells. He then said that he wanted the rapists to stop, and go play basketball. By the time the song is over, rucka felt truly sorry for his actions.

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