A Very Rucka Christmas

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Twas the Night Before Kwanzaa is rucka's christmas tale version of Twas the Night Before Christmas where santa deliberately interups some niggers Kwanzaa near midnight which turns into a machine gun firing range.!Which then ends with a blast from a missiletoe

thumb|300px|right|The video recording by a randon Nucka


[Opeaning stream]

Santa:"Twas the night before Kwanzaa,

& Niggers was drinking,

Santa Claus walked in!,

They said:'Bitch what YOU Thinking!!',

One of them had a Gun,

The other one had a Knife!,

But Santa Claus wasant going down Without A FIGHT!!"

"He pulled some presants from out of his bag,

He kicked then in the Nuts & called them all 'Fags'!!,

But THEY didn't like that,

They thought it was Gay!,

For Santas BONAR grew 5 times that day!!!"

"They ran on his SHIT,

From his Cash to his Rocks!,

Santa pleaded with them!,

'This Black ON Back Crime Must STOP!!!!',

& just in that moment in walked Lil Susie,

Lil Susie walked in with the Sub Machine Oozie!,

Everyone hit the deck cause them bullets was spraying!!,

Santa couldnt grasp what the black guy was saying!,

& on that very night Lil Susie got Famous!!,

She shot Santa in his Cock,

& it still hurt his AnusssSSSSSSsssss!!!!"

"Santa puled out his Missiletoe & started to BLAST!!,

No man left that night without a cap in his ASS!!!,

& thay heard Santa SHOUT as he skiped up the chimney,

'Merry Christmas Bitch Niggers!,

You all should have Never Fucked with ME!!'"

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