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Toby Queef is a homie of Rucka Rucka Ali and known to appear in lot of his songs. He is an American Redneck with an emotive country style. He hates them Hippies, Muslims and Jews.

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First to leave Rucka's parents in his teen years, got adopted by an elderly redneck & now works for Pinegrove Records.

One of Queef's first jobs was Commander-In-Chief of the armed forces in Vietnam, as to oppose Russian encroachment. He was fired and as a result Vietnam was lost and the population were all sodomised by the Russians. Steve Jobs was a close friend of his who was recently killed by AIDS and directly after, consumed by Bill Gates. 

List of Songs

Song Based on By
iLost My Jobs Someone Like You Adele
iWhack Grenade Bruno Mars
It's Not Nice
Whatchu Jewin Right Thru Me Nicki Minaj
Justin's Beaver & Justin's Beaver II (The Beaver Strike's Back) Magic BoB
Suspended: The Sequeal Telephone Lady Gaga
Suck My Balls Jingle Bells
Brother Toby Deck The Halls
Hippies Always Smell Like Balls 3 Britney Spears
Russia's Gay Whatcha Say Jason Derulo