Smoke Christmas tree is a christmas song for them smokers!


Yo Arab could you spare a F****ing pic! This article could use one or more images


Santa Claus:Here's one for the Ladies's..

"Smoke Christmas Tree (2X),

Rucka Rucka Ali - Smoke Christmas Tree01:53

Rucka Rucka Ali - Smoke Christmas Tree

Just packed one up my niggey!,

Smoke Christmas Tree (2X),

Don't lay a hate on my niggey!,

The shooting stars's,

& Day-cay-ay's,

I smoke at least an 8th a day!,

Smoke Christmas tree (2X),

Right apon my niggey!"

[piano break]

"Smoke Christmas tree (2X),

Someone packed up a Volcano!,

Some white with ooze,

& purple aze,

Now some trees will blaze for days!,

Smoke Christmas Tree (2X),

Rollin up my niggey!"

[piano break]

"Smoke Christmas Tree (2X),

Lets go have some ureal homie!,

Some goatta cheeze,

& bubble gum,

Just enough to make me Cum!,

Smoke Christmas Tree,

Smoke CHristmas TTRRREEEEEEEee!,

I FUCKing love to smoke WeeEEeeeed!

Rucka: Santa we know what's really in your bag!

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