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Yo Arab could you spare a F****ing pic! This article could use one or more images Ruckas Nuckas Are The Many Fans of Rucka, his mates & His works, alot are children who seek truths on this world, most are adults who don't think apon Human Logic. They are known to be Inhuman, meaning they don't act or behave like typical corrupt humans, but a whole species that are truely Greater then Humans, & hat can make this world & the universe a better place


  • It was possible that there were Nuckas in Years before Rucka Rucka Ali, which meant there were Other Ruckas & simular revolutions such as the present one.
  • As Many haters & rouge ethics see the Nuckas are nothing of their ways, this indicates they never behave anything like humans, therefore they are Human no more, but a species more emlightened on almost everything (& a 100 accurate alookalike to God)
  • In Intro,F**k you,Tube rucka indicated '500 million pubes' by possibility the Nucka Pop would have or reach up to or beyond that amount of People, world wide
  • As Respectful fans who dig Ruckas Music & viral media, they reupload copies of the deletes from Youtube & keep makin copies online today
  • Nucka just Meanms male nucka while 'Sucka' means female nucka


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