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Rucka's late night power hour is a podcast radio show which was released in 2010 containing episode's of funny,unconsored,hellirous comedy that's off the limits. It contains 20 episodes in the 1st before deleation by "Syndication Company" (released from 22/12/10 to 8/6/11) & eventually a second backup with 39 episodes in the 2nd (released from 21/06/11 to 22/04/12, though eventually 46-59 were taken down) ,along with discussing issues of his song's being taken down, some of Rucka's & his crew's tour adventures, some current shit happening in the world and recieving chats from nuckasaroundtheworld.

C'Mon YO this page is STILL BULLSHIT!!! this page is still being worked on. so help out on pages that need fixing & work and repair some loose end's

Episode's within this Podcast
episode time description
1: The First Show - Dec 22,2010 1:01:00 Rucka Rucka Ali launches his brand-new international guerrilla skrilla movement of a radio show. Rucka discusses how his new song "Only 17" was deleated by Youtube for no reason. Rucka introduces DJ Ductape and the story of how the two triple-felons first met. Rucka's Nuckas call in and axe some questions.
2: Facebook Politics (are gay) - Dec 29,2010 1:01:00 Rucka Rucka Ali talks about getting recognized by skeezers. He and DJ ductape discuss the other "Rucka" Facebook page, and what Rucka should do about it. Rucka's Nuckas call in and suggest some possible solutions to the problem. Rucka makes a decision.
3: The Nucka Awards 2010 - Jan 05,2011 1:31:00 Rucka Rucka Ali hosts the first annual Nucka Awards! Tune in to find out who won "Nucka of the Year," and "Sucka of the Year." Among others!
4: Dawson'sWeak - Jan 12,2011 1:01:00 Rucka discusses how the podcast's syndication company is thinking of firing Rucka and making the show "Shane Dawson's Power Hour."
5: Russia's Still Gay - Jan 19,2011 1:01:00 Russia is still gay.
6: Eff Australia - Jan 26,2011 1:01:00 Do we even need a reason?
7: The End of Ruck? - Feb 09,2011 1:01:00 Is Rucka really retiring?
8: Who's Listening? Not Hellen Keller - Feb 16,2011 31:00 The Syndication company is listning...are you?
9: LA was a Riot (like Egypt but with Mexicans) Feb 23,2011 1:00:00 Los Angeles, the city by the bay!
10: Happy 14th Birthday JB!!! - Mar 02,2011 1:01:00 We'd like to wish JB a happy 14th birthday!
11: Pancake Day VS Fat Tuesday VS International Women's Day! - Mar 09,2011 1:00:00 The 3 holidays are all today. Which one is the best? The callers vote before Rucka picks the winner. Due to the holidays "Who's The Black Guy!?" Has been rescheduled.
12: Happy Prostitute Day! - Mar 16,2011 1:00:00 Rucka & DJ Ductape discuss the hooker holiday and much more. The episode titled "Who's The Black Guy" has been postponed till next week.
13: That Was Spring Break, Now We Have AIDS - Mar 30,2011 1:00:00 Rucka Rucka Ali & DJ Ductape discuss their spring break vacation, take calls from listeners, and much more. The episode titled "Who's The Black Guy" has been postponed till next week.
14: I'm the Kurt Cobain of Podcasts - Apr 06,2011 1:31:00 Due to the Syndication company's demamds, Rucka Rucka Ali & DJ Ductape explore news, current events, & include a Kurt Cobain memorial to commemorate the late singer's death.
15: We've Done as Many Episodes as JB Has Dudes. - Apr 13,2011 1:00:00 EPISODE 15! Rucka Rucka Ali & DJ Ductape celebrate & take calls.
16: Who the hell's the guest?! - Apr 20,2011 1:00:00 Rucka Rucka Ali & DJ Ductape are forced by the Syndication company to bring a special guest on the show.
17: Women Ain't Nothin' - Apr 27,2011 1:30:00 To "send a message" to the corporate drone newsgirl that the Syndication company sent over, Rucka Rucka Ali & DJ Ductape theme the show around the general truth that hoes aint nothin.
18: Goodbye, Uncle Osama - May 04,2011 1:31:00 Rucka Rucka Ali, DJ Ductape, & the Lingering corporate newsgirl discuss the death of Bin Laden, the Royal Wedding, & much much more!
19: I'm Not Racist, But... - May 11,2011 1:00:00 Rucka Rucka Ali introduces this new game, and callers call in to play!
20: Syndication Company's Final Decision - Jun 08,2011 31:00 Rucka Rucka Ali discusses how he lost power & DJ Ductape found him some s****y hotels. Rucka also explains the painful process of moving to his new address, & announces the Syndication companys final decision regarding his podcast.
21: If you hear this... - Jun 21,2011 1:00:24 Rucka Rucka Ali attempts to re-launch his podcast, after Syndication company gave him the boot. DJ Ductape & Jessica Jackson join Rucka in hosting the show, and as always contribute just about nothing. (this 1st new episode was started & made in a whole-new podcast by after the deleation of the old episodes!)
22: Now includes a Black Guy - Jun 28,2011 1:02:58 Rucka has a new addition to the podcast - Black Intern who intoduces several new things to the podcast including sound drops and a theme tune
23: Did That b**** Kill Her Kid? - Jul 05,2011 1:01:03 --unknown--
24: A Bad Case of Yankadicks - Jul 14,2011 1:09:56 Rucka Rucka Ali talks about current events, his new album, and the recent encounter with some Yankadicks.
25: Which is Betters: Norways or Svedens??? - Jul 21,2011 58:01 Disussion about who is better: Norway or Sweden
26: My S*** is the S***, yo S*** ain't S*** - Jul 28,2011 58:51 Rucka discusses the amazing coincidence of the Norway bombings that happened after last episode.
27: Special Guest: Rebecca Black - Aug 04,2011 1:01:37 Rebecca Black guest stars in the podcast
28: London was a Riot - Aug 18,2011 1:04:10 Rucka discusses the London riots in the UK
29: Don't Be a Playa, D.C. - Aug 25,2011 1:10:02 --unknown--
30: So Who Blew Who for JB to Win that MTV Award? - Sep 01,2011 1:16:00 --unknown--
31: Spreading the AIDS - Sep 08,2011 1:42:05 --unknown--
32: 9/11 Ain't Every Day - Sep 15,2011 1:06:16 --unknown--
33: Troy Davis' Final Grape Soda - Sep 22,2011 1:08:52 --unknown--
34: Happy Jew Year DJ Ductape - Sep 29,2011 1:55:06 Rucka Rucka Ali, Jessica Jackson & Black intern help DJ Ductape celebrate the beginning of the Jew Year. One thing is for sure: Someone will get sued.
35: At Least Steve Jobs Wasn't Cyber Bullied - Oct 06,2011 1:24:49 --unknown--
36: RIP Elmar Quadaffy - Oct 20,2011 1:18:12 --unknown--

37: HalloweenerschnitzelAgain - Oct 27,2011

1:07:14 --unknown--
39: Happy AIDS Day - Dec 01,2011 1:09:57 --unknown--
40: Virginia Tech Legacy Shooting - Dec 08,2011 1:14:02 Rucka remembers the shootings at Virginia Polytechnic Institute on 16th April 2007
41: We Left Iraq (to Iran) - Dec 15,2011 1:02:34 --unknown--
42: Christmas without Kim Jong - Dec 22,2011 1:06:53 Rucka mourns the death of chinese dictator Kim Jong Il
43: 2011 Nucka Awards - Dec 29,2011 1:26:18 Rucka and his nucka's participate in the 2011 Nucka awards to say goodbye to 2011!
44: 2012 the World Ain't Ending Fast Enough - Jan 05,2012 1:11:10 --unknown--
45: My Korea's Over - Jan 12,2012 1:30:54 Rucka's new song is released
46: Barack History Month - Feb 01,2012 1:29:36 --unknown--
47: Grammy Make the Best Pancakes - Feb 08,2012 1:14:54 --unknown--
48: Whitney Houston: Forgotton, then Gone but Not Forgotton - Feb 15,2012 1:23:41 --unknown--
49: Going to Mexico I mean L.A. - Feb 22,2012 1:07:24 --unknown--
50: Black History Repeats Itsalf - Feb 29,2012 1:26:20 --unknown--
51: Free Kony, Dog - Mar 07,2012 1:04:08 --unknown--
52: Rucka Rucka: Verified Black Man - Mar 13,2012 1:42:42 --unknown--
53: Turtlegate - Mar 20,2012 1:16:00 --unknown--
54: Rise of the Dirty Iraqis - Apr 03,2012 1:18:16 --unknown--
55: Party w/ the Secret Service - Apr 17,2012 1:02:46 Rucka Rucka Ali discusses the news, takes phone calls, & spends time w/ prpstitutes.
56: Countdown to "Drive Drunk" - Apr 24,2012 1:06:20 Rucka & the Nuckas wait for new song "We Drive Drunk!" to be online
57: John Travolta Message Special - Apr 08,2012 1:29:22 --unknown--
58: Tumblr isn't Gy at All - Apr 15,2012 1:05:59 --unknown--
59: Special Black Guest: Jiggaboo Jones - Apr 22,2012 2:11:36 --unknown--

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