O.J. the Dopeman is a parody of frosty the snowman about an interesting black guy known to rucka & his mates.


O.J the Dopeman,

Rucka Rucka Ali O.J01:48

Rucka Rucka Ali O.J. the Dopeman

the officil video by rucka & O.J.

Was a pimp man made of snow,

With a big crackpipe,

and a couple hoes,

and a hoopdee camero,

O.J. the dopeman,

Was a man who selled some Yay,

and he'll cut yo throat,

If the gram is short,

and he'll nail your wife for pay!

He's known to kill a Faggot,

leave him 10 feat in the ground,

and when the cops come axe some shit he says:

"Why cuz im brown?"

O.J the Dopeman, killed a guy for a bag of tree,

then he fucked his ass and he said: "congrats, you now has HIV"

O.J the Dopeman, knew the block was hot one day. So he blast his gun

and he said: "LETS RUN!" and the cops will blame some gay.

Gettin the skrillage, got two chicks in his van. One of them passed out,

Other one with her mouth on his dick inside her hand. 

So he smoked an ounce and he said: "LETS BOUNCE!" im due to grab some rocks.

But the crack was brown so the guy was found in a church dead in a box.

O.J the Dopeman, got some curry on his phone. 

So he shot some guy that was standin' by and he said next time stay home.

~re - edited by: Jayson

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