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This Originaly created Rucka Song explains about some of his awesome pride!


Rucka's FAX:

Leave a message bitch!

Seymour Schwartz:

Rucka it's Seymour Schwartz calling,

Listen, I just saw your video on the internet,

Why do you have to be so nasty,

With your words!,

Making Fun of people!,

Why can't you be more like Wierd Al Yank-a-dick over there?,

He's very nice, even for a Jew.


Rucka: RuckasNuckas for life,

I still run red lights,

Put my arm out the window,

so they know i'm white,

and the other round your mother,

Cause she know I'm tight,

YouTube get MAD,

Cause they know i'm right

My Shit Is the shit! (4X)

Backup Crew: Your shit ain't shit! (4X)"


I'ma cat kicking crack loving,

throw a hater in the oven when it come to shove it,

Oh shit,

when I bust it, I could fuck a cousin

but who doesn't,

so hide your wife and kids and husband,

Oh yeah (drool)

Yo what up Al,

You call yourself weird,

I've got nappy ass braids 'from my pubes to my beard,

little chains on them,

I make it rains on em,

i'd fuck a vampire bitch with little fangs on em

Weird Al:

They call me skittles,

I fuck bitches a little

Bust a nut in her butt and I tell her a riddle

Who's the guy over nine feet tall that you know

He makes music and he wont never go,

They call me Al, who wants to be my pal

Let me get your number, I roll under cover

I got a job, working at the Quiznos

Number one album ?? San Francisco



you tube full of hax's

Deleting all my shit

Leaving up all the fags so can sit up on a dick

Every fucking video

Oh look, he's Asian

Freddy sucks helium

and other things we shouldn't mention

and a laughing baby, so funny, oh god

Tell your kid to leave the fucking crib and get a job

YouTube full of bitches

fuck with me I have you gagging on your your mama's niblets

I got triplets taking niblets of my dick, till it spits on there tits

Which bitch on YouTube getting views and hits

The one that's on there ??

Fuck you and your crew, I'm a house hold name

You wouldn't move a shit stain, you two bitch maid

i'm a star you a part time cartoon phony

I'm smoking all your dope while your hoes try to blow me, i'm not your homey, it's nice to know me

Run and tell your hoe she better have money for me

[Chorus x2]

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