Michael Joseph Jackson was an Afro-American recording artist and pop singer. He is often made tributed by Rucka Rucka Ali , as to being a major sansation in the music industry. His haseven been dispicted of his bleached skin-color, gender-change, and his 2005 child molestation charges. He died in 2009, by overdose of drugs.



  • "Hi, kids. My name is Michael."
  • "I could sing like I found Jesus. Hey there, kids! Have you seen my penis?"
  • "Come here, Blanket. Let me spank it. Without kids, we'd be extinct."
  • "I could buy anything. I bought The Beatles. I need needles to put me to sleep."
  • "I'm home alone. Oh no, I'm scared!"
  • "Macaulay! Come over and hold me! Here, come ride my ferris wheel. Milk and cookies. Cookies."
  • "I have a chimp named Bubbles. He likes to cuddle and never says no."