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Rucka's Letter to Santa, talk's about whet he long beg's for n XMas, like how he gave some of his money to Hatai, the ability to suduce a bitch to his cause (not like soe obbsesed,hansome guy, you know what i mean), how Santa should stom thevieving rucka's pantry for cookies & more.!


[Starting jingle]

Rucka:"Dear santa,

This is your little cousin,

Rucka Rucka Ali!"

"First i wanted to tell you,

What a good,
Rucka Rucka Ali - Letter To Santa01:25

Rucka Rucka Ali - Letter To Santa

a recording by random nucka


Motherfucking Boy i've been this year!,

I raised $32 for Haiti,

& a bumed a bitey to help B.P.,

What! he gonna need some skitles!"

"Anyway for THIS year's Christmas,

All I Ask YOU!!,

Is a pound-of-pouple pot,

The ability to suduce any bitch,

& for MY video's to stop getting deleated,

Evey Motherfuckin Day!!!"

"YOU give ME the same Bullshit Every christmas!,

It's some SHIT i did not ask for,


"& for this year,

ALL i ASK is for YOU to help my Motherfucking Brother out for ONCE!,

10 second's from you on video block talking about 'Yo quit deleating Rucka's shit'

You came a-long way with ME sir!"

"Fuck You!!,

I'm tired of your Bullshit,

& go Not never asking me again!,

If you DON'T come thru this Motherfucking Time!,

Merry FUCKing Christmas!,

Bitch Nigga!!,

Fuck you,


Rucka Rucka MotherFucker Ali!!!"


Ain't no cookies out,

Not for you!,

So keep your black-Ass out my cupboard this Year!,


[ending jingle]

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