Get Butt Naked dispic's the hillirious way's of doing crazy,awesome way's of being a nudist (& dangers)!

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[Opening Stream]

Rucka :"Clillin on the corner at the bus stop,

Rucka Rucka Ali Get Butt Naked03:36

Rucka Rucka Ali Get Butt Naked

A sweet! fanmade video 4 nucka's everywhere

When my pants drop,

selling rocks to a poney in a tube-top,

2 O'clock and a forty in my tube sock!

Show my cock to the cops for,

pertune clock!,

Hop on a shore bus with a quick thrust,

When my dick busts,

Hit a cripple in the nut's,

took his ear muffs,

Now it's life's ruff,

cause he cant hear stuff,

Nigger WTF!!!"

"When i'm in the club,

Gotta get butt naked!,

Rolling with my thugs,

Gotta get butt naked!,

When i'm buying drug's,

Gotta get butt naked!,

Giving people hugs,

Gotta get butt naked!,

When I'm  walkin home,

Gotta get butt naked!,

When i'm with my bros,

Gotta get butt naked!,

Trying on some clothes,

Gotta get butt naked!,

When i throw MY bones,

Gotta get butt naked!,

Angry Dad: I was just on the bus,

When some jerk off came by,

Wearing No clothes!,

Put his balls on the steering wheel!!,

Scared the hell Out-Of-Me!,

How am I supposed to explain that to My daughter!

Sauce Boss: like a gram of sauce on the couch

Driping hot sauce in the mouth

Cause im the sauce boss

Sticky icky icky

can i get a quicky for i bounce out

I found, two quarters in the couch 

(it continues im just done guessing at what im hearing)

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