A funny, American male who was born in a country somewhere in East Asia during World War II.
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It is possible that Rucka Rucka Ali and DJ Not Nice were childhood friends living in Japan, as we can hear in 'Mama's Basement Paradise' where Rucka explains how he "was raised Japanese". He spent his childhood in the circumstances of modern Japan (pre life In Red China) before moving to China because of money problems, where he wanted to fulfill his dream of becoming a rapper, but the Chinese Government did not allow him to have freedom of speech which caused him to hate China, wanting to blow it up. This is when he decided to move to United States and rejoin Rucka Rucka Ali in West B.

Later in life once he and Rucka Rucka Ali had gained an army of Nuckas, they marched into Australia and attempted to take it over, thus creating the song 'Fuck Australia'

He works at the Custom Dry Cleaners dry cleaning service in Detroit. He also owns a Chinese restaurant which is all about that rice.

He is a legit DJ too. He is in a majority of Rucka's songs that involve the Asian community, such as 'All About that Rice' and 'Ching Chang Chong'.

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