Boris Anatasha

Boris Anatasha in "Russia's Gay"

Boris Anatasha is a Russian singer and partner with Rucka Rucka Ali. He has only appeared in two songs, "Russia's Gay" and "Suspended: The Sequel". He lives is Russia and has a wife named Svetlana Borshtynskovskiska and ten kids, he used to have eleven kids until he sold one for vodka. He used to work for the Russian Federal Space Agency until his researches led to nothing other than a cardboard box being shot into space, presumably because he was intoxicated on the job so often. Anatasha suffered from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome which lead to his alcohol addiction as a little kid and an adult. He is currently poverty-stricken and gets his food from charity food stands, in which most of the food is rotten. He has been convicted once for public indecency, but has not been convicted for the Mongolians he keeps against their will in cages.

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