These are the albums that rucka made, chronlogic order

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Straight Outta West BEdit

Track Number Song Name
01 Intro
02 I Heart Crack

Lemme See Dem Tittiess (feat Dali Llama & Tickle Man)

04 Da Weed U Need (feat [Dali Llama]] & Tickle Man)
05 Get It Straight
06 West Branch Pillage (feat [[Dali Llama & Tickle Man)
07 Marywuza Lil Bitch (feat Jihad Joe & Deejay Voorheis)
08 I Invented Hip-hop
09 My Resurrection
10 Roll Wif Me (feat Dali Llama & Tickle Man)
11 4 Live Crew (feat Jeffro,Jon Kimbal & Lil Nignig)
12 Bitch Nigga
13 House Made of Bitches
14 Smoke Tree
15 What U Got On My Buzz

I'm Black, You're White, & These Are Clearly ParodiesEdit

Track Number Song Name
01 Intro (Fuck You, Tube)
02 Don't Be a Playa, Haiti
03 Emo (Like A Nazi)

I Can Do Whatever I'm White

05 Ching Chang Chong
06 Send That Bitch A Kissyface
07 Good Kids Smoke Crack
08 It's Not Nice (feat DJ Not Nice, Toby Queef, Seymour Schwartz, and Freqrique Shampoo)
09 Go Cops!
10 I Love Minorities
11 I Don't Like White People
12 I Don't Like Old People
13 Crips and Bloods
14 Ima Korean
15 Outro (Russia's Still Gay)

A Very Rucka ChristmasEdit

Probably RacistEdit

01 (Probably) Racist Intro
02 Let's Go Jesus
03 Justin's Beaver
04 My Shit
05 Take Your Pants Off
06 Russia's Gay
07 Rebecca's Black (High Day)
08 I'm Afraid (of Black People)
09 Get Butt Naked (feat Ed Words)
10 Canada
11 U Know A Black Guy
12 IWhack
13 Osama Bin Found
14 Pic of a Dick (feat Jessica Jackson)
15 Charlie Wins Over Japan
16 Whutchu Jewin? (feat Toby Queef and Seymour Schwartz)
17 Only 17
18 Justin's Beaver the Movie
19 Budder (feat Brian Silverman)
20 Eff Australia
21 We're All Asian
22 4 My Nuckas

A Very Rucka Christmas: The Second CummingEdit

Rucka's WorldEdit

Track Number

Song Name

1 Rucka & Friends
2 Welcome 2 Rucka's World
3 We Drive Drunk

I Know a Black Guy

5 Booty Call
6 My Name's Obama
7 If I Was Mongolian
8 Celebs Kill Yerself
9 Taquitos
10 Hippies Always Smell Like Balls (feat. Toby Queef)
11 Fat Violent Dykes
12 Down (feat. DJ Not Nice & Lil Wang)
13 Without Jew
14 Anne Frank Bash 2012 (Ima Jew)
15 Hey Mom (Where's Dad)
16 Jews & Faggots
17 Ima Dirty Iraqi (feat. Jihad Joe)
18 Free Kony (Dog)
19 Dago (feat. Nigariga Tony)
20 My Favorite Brack Guy
21 Super AIDS (feat. Ricola Volvos)
22 In the Jungle (feat. Joseph Kony)
23 Stars
24 Some Black Guy
25 iLost My Jobs (feat. Toby Queef)
26 Why Did Jesus Kill My Mother's Baby
27 My Korea's Over (feat. DJ Not Nice)
28 Hitler's Suicide Note
29 The End of Rucka's World

Black Man of StealEdit

Everything is Racist Edit

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